PragmaBed Collapsible Frame


Heavy duty steel construction

The Pragma Bed was created to be the very first foldable foundation as an alternative to box-springs and bed frames. But it does much more than just provide support. Every PragmaBed comes standard with straightforward features and functionality designed to protect your mattress and improve your time in bed.

Powder-coated finish

Every foundation goes through our powder-coating process for safety and durability. The resulting finish resists stains, rust, and creates an inhospitable environment for mold and infestations. No harsh chemicals, VOC, or HAP are used.

Designed for compatibility

Upgrade your bed and keep your style. Our foundations play nice with others so you can keep your existing furniture without spending more on proprietary accessories. Or if you choose to start fresh, the simple aesthetic makes a great foundation to build on.

Underbed storage

13 inches of vertical clearance gives you up to 45 cubic feet of storage space, and that’s just for a Twin. That’s a lot of room for extra linens, suitcases, your old running shoes… You get the idea. Just watch out for any hidden monsters under the bed.

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